Ahhh…Autumn in Fredericton, Canada

Ahh…Autumn in the Fredericton region.  Quite possibly my most favourite time of year.  Why, you ask?  Well, for one, no humidity!  And who can not love the kaleidoscope of fall colours?  I never tire of seeing the vibrant reds, golds, and oranges that make an appearance for a brief time.  It reminds us to put away our summer clothes, dig out our sweaters, and seek out the places that say “Fall”.  This is the harvest, so we have to check out all things harvest-y (no, not a real word, but for this post, we will make an exception!)…so begins our journey… 

Harvey’s Big Potato (701 Highway 105 in Maugerville) 

Attention all lovers of large roadside things! If ever there was an identifiable icon smack dab in the centre of Maugerville, it is Harvey’s Big Potato.  On a damp Sunday we decided to visit the big guy, as we heard it through the grapevine that there was a corn maze that we just had to see first- hand.   But first we paid homage to the pumpkins (in abundance!) and the weird looking gourds that you see so often this time of year.  Even Toby, our Toller, and quality control sniffer, was intrigued.

Toby checking out the gourds at Harvey's Big Potato

After inspecting all gourds, pumpkins and large statuesque root vegetables, we headed to the corn maze.  Now, for those of you of a certain age that remember the spooky thriller, “Children of the Corn”  - take comfort.  This is completely, and utterly family friendly, without a trace of spookiness.  It is compact enough to complete in a few minutes, and if you really use your imagination, you’d think you were, for a moment, lost in the farmer’s field.  Simply bring a donation to the Fredericton Food Bank and you are on your way!

Corn Maze at the Harvey's Big Potato

Harvey’s Big Potato is located at 701 Hwy. 105, 10 km east of Fredericton.  They are open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm.  Contact them at 357-5769 or visit their website.  

Moxon’s Country Pumpkin, 911 Route 105 in Maugerville

And no visit is complete in this part of Sunbury County without visiting Moxon’s Country Pumpkin.  Just a minute or two from Harvey’s Big Potato, you will find a veritable cornucopia (well, it is almost Thanksgiving!) of vegetables, baked goods, and of course at this time of year, pumpkins!!  My kids can never resist visiting the resident llamas and goats – my son, if he asks nicely, will sometimes be given carrot tops to feed the animals.  Today the animals were particularly frisky.  My son wondered how they can get their head through the metal fence…I am thinking, very carefully! 

Feeding the Animals at Moxon's Country Pumpkin

Moxon’s Country Pumpkin is located at 911 Route 105 in Maugerville.  You can contact them at 357-8013.

Everett’s Apple Orchard, 3905 Route 102, Island View (west of Fredericton)

A short drive away is Everett Orchard -  a family owned and operated U-pick located in Island view, just west of Fredericton. This apple farm has been in the Everett family for eight generations, since 1792!  What brings us back every year is not only the apples (which, by the way are delectable, particular the Macs and Honeycrisp varieties), but the stunning view.  Being a self proclaimed scenic view junkie, I’ve taken more than a few pics of the very top of the orchard, overlooking the St John River – goosebumps!

Having a big brother is extremely helpful in getting THE apple at the top of the tree.  Remember to bring your own bags, and if you plan on picking more than a couple of bags, you can usually borrow a wagon to pull to your favourite variety.  This time of year, you can expect to pick beautiful Macs, Honeycrisp and Cortlands. 

Apple Picking at Everett's Orchards in Fredericton

After we picked a few, we decided to head back down and see if the Everett’s had their crock pot on with warm apple cider…we were in luck!  There is nothing better than sipping a cup of warm cider on a wet day.  The Everett’s use cider from Coburn farms, of Keswick Ridge.  It was, as we expected, delicious (even Toby wondered what that great smell was!).  Everetts is open at this time of year Monday – Sunday, 10am-6pm.  You can contact them at 459-7406 or visit their website.

Debbie Perry is a busy Mom of three humans and one canine.  When not working in her day job with Fredericton Tourism,  Debbie plots her next adventure that usually involves taking a path less travelled, with kids and dog in tow.  “One of the best ways to explore is to get lost” says Debbie, who recently did just that when attempting to find a waterfall in the back woods of Nackawic with only her paper GPS in hand! 

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